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Tips to buy household fan

time:2017/6/8 0:00:00

Buy Fan skills

           1, after electrify the fan blades rotate smoothly, no abnormal noise, large air volume. Blow type louver louver flexible. Linked type window, 100 face rotation sensitive. Two-way ventilator free conversion. The temperature rise of the motor is not too high and the noise is small. Fan speed with the speed function obviously, capacitor motor is not greater than 65%, the cover plate is not greater than 80%. 

          2, fan novel appearance, color and color of the room coordinate plane without warping phenomenon, plastic plating is smooth, bright, no rust marks, blades can rotate. 

          3, the bedroom and living room in the general area of 12-16 square meters, with two-way type ventilation fan is appropriate 250-300 mm.

           When choosing, pay attention to the following points:

           4, kitchen options with 250 mm screen type fan, such as lampblack machine has been equipped with a kitchen, can not install fan.  

         5, the bathroom generally smaller, about 2-4 square meters, can choose open change 150-200 mm. 

          Zhongshan Yongning Ventilating Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a large enterprise specializing in the production of "Yonghua" brand ventilation equipment products. The spirit of "unity, truth-seeking, hard work, enterprising" spirit of enterprise, after eighteen years of struggle, enterprise development has considerable scale. The company covers an area of more than 36000 square meters and produces an area of more than 18000 square meters. It is located in Xiaolan Town, Guangdong City, Zhongshan Province, a famous township star in china. Professional, persistent is the premise of the company's development, pay attention to excellent, the pursuit of brand is the company's operating trajectory. The company has excellent production equipment and excellent production and technical personnel. The introduction of international advanced automated assembly line, dusting equipment, high-precision balance testing machines and other equipment, to ensure that enterprises produce products to catch up with the world trend.

           At present, the company as many as 500 kinds of products, production of various types of household fan, industrial exhaust fan, axial and centrifugal ventilation equipment. To undertake a variety of environmental ventilation, ventilation equipment, noise reduction, dust removal, ventilation and environmental protection engineering design, manufacture and installation.   

        The company has a variety of products through Germany "GS" certification, China's "CCC" and other certification. The company has set up a huge sales network all over the country, and its products are also exported to Europe, America, Australia, Middle East and Southeast Asia market, and are well received by customers.

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