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Exhaust fan noise factors

time:2017/6/8 0:00:00

      The factory exhaust fan is also known as workshop exhaust fan, industrial exhaust fan, workshop exhaust fan and so on. It is mainly used for ventilation and cooling of workshops and factories. The energy saving, environmental protection, stability and efficiency of the exhaust fan of the factory in Dongguan are one of the best equipment for ventilation and cooling.    

       Plant exhaust fan is the use of air convection, the principle of negative pressure ventilation design, installation in poor ventilation to plant can be stagnant heat, heavy smell, black smoke, bad smell, rapidly exhausted in the shortest period of time. The indoor temperature and outdoor temperature is reduced to the same, but they can feel more cool than outdoor, plant exhaust fan (fan factory) can make the air move, air change per hour can reach 60~120 times, can create a smooth, fresh air, good ventilation and comfortable working environment for you, thoroughly improve the problem the indoor hot, smell, bad smell, chokedamp, improve work efficiency, so that each worker is more healthy.     

      Factory exhaust fan energy-saving environmental protection, the use of time is long:     

      1, large air flow, low noise, more energy saving than central air-conditioning, environmental protection, power saving and harmless. The motor is only 0.75KW, low energy consumption, low operating cost, and its operating cost is 1/8 of the general air conditioning.    

       2 、 adopt special motor, direct structure, maintenance free (change traditional belt drive), improve function, simplify structure and reduce maintenance cost.     

      3 、 air flow principle, shutter, no power consumption, no need to switch.   

        4, the shell adopts SMC (glass fiber reinforced plastic) material, light weight, insulation, no rust, no aging, wet resistance, acid and alkali resistance, durable, long service life.                

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