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Introduction to usage environment

time:2017/6/8 0:00:00

     Industrial exhaust fan different from our small household exhaust fan, it is need to install specialized staff, and at the time of installation is the need to pay attention to some matters, if the installation is not in place, or the installation process has some problems, will be used to influence the effect of the exhaust fan on the.     

      Industrial exhaust fan is generally used for large volume of places, such as factories, schools, canteens and other places to go to bed, in general, industrial exhaust fan is a use of environmental constraints, general environmental temperature is between -30-50 degrees, industrial exhaust fan of different functions. For example, some industrial exhaust fan with inlet function, but these functions require the user according to the instruction set.    

       Industrial exhaust fan used is generally used for low noise and high pressure situations, in order to achieve an effect of air circulation. Different exhaust fans have different voltage and size specifications, users can choose different types of industrial exhaust fan according to their different needs.    

       Before installing the industrial exhaust fan, is a need to determine the installation position, confirm the range of the need to pay attention to the use of the environment, see the specific installation position at which the most appropriate, so as to make the industrial exhaust fan to achieve the best effect. When installing, pay attention to whether each fastener is tight, and ensure that the exhaust fan runs properly and safely.    

       Installation of industrial exhaust fan is installed should pay special attention to is smooth, to exhaust fan on a smooth horizontal position, also need to install the exhaust fan to a convenient range, easy to use daily.      

     In general, in the installation of industrial exhaust fan, is the need for a bracket, the bracket is fixed to a certain skills and precautions.

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