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The industrial exhaust fan and fan difference

time:2017/6/8 0:00:00

      From the basic knowledge of the fan, we can know that the fan, exhaust fan exhaust fan is always belong to them. In addition, there are industrial exhaust fan, industrial exhaust fan, which is suitable for enterprises, companies, such large-scale enterprises use type.     

      Although fan also belongs to a fan, but not all of them know the difference. At this point, there will be some problems, or doubts, at the time of the choice! After all, I do not know what to choose is the most appropriate.           Then introduce a lower fan and fan fan distinction: first appearance is generally based on the material is mainly made of iron. The appearance of the fan and exhaust fan is not the same, are mainly made of plastics.      

     Although the above material consists of iron and plastic, many people may think, it is certainly more expensive iron material. In fact, the value of the high and low is not determined by the material.    

       Industrial exhaust fan is certainly not suitable for home use, the general price is relatively high. According to the different power, the use of different degrees, first of all, the value of the exhaust fan is natural. Many small exhaust fan, is very suitable for home use, can play the role of exhaust dirty gas, and the price is not expensive, it will be forty or fifty dollars.           Comparison of fan mainly to the large wall platoon oriented, is directly mounted on the wall. But the home is usually installed on the window, or in the ceiling type on top of the wall.      

     Now industrial exhaust fan has been very perfect, some type of relatively large power can be selected to the wind leaf, to a certain extent is fully played the role of fan, according to the different play the role of air exhaust.

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