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Ventilation and cooling principle......

time:2017/6/8 0:00:00

      The exhaust fan belongs to an axial flow fan. It is mainly used in negative pressure ventilation and cooling engineering, and is called industrial exhaust fan. Exhaust fan has super large air duct, super large fan diameter, large exhaust air volume, ultra-low energy consumption, low speed, low noise and so on.     

      And cooling water can be used together to solve the problem of ventilation and cooling in one fell swoop. During the operation of the exhaust fan, a negative pressure environment will be formed inside the exhaust fan. If the installation of cooling water on the other side of the wall of the air exhaust fan, exhaust fan in the indoor hot air discharged at the same time, will also go through the cooling water into the room temperature air rich water vapor into the interior, so as to achieve the effect of ventilation and cooling.     

     A, ventilation principle       

    Exhaust fan is discharged in the process will cause indoor air pressure drops, the indoor air is thinning, forming a negative pressure zone, the air pressure difference between the compensation into the room. In the practical application of the industrial building, the exhaust fan is usually installed on the side of the workshop, and the air inlet is on the other side of the workshop. The air is formed by the convection fan from the air inlet to the exhaust fan. In this process, doors and windows near the exhaust fan remain closed, forcing air into the workshop by the inlet side doors and windows. The air is in line, orderly, flowing into the workshop from the air inlet, flowing through the workshop, and discharging from the workshop by the exhaust fan. The ventilation is thorough and efficient, and the ventilation rate can be as high as 99%. Through specific engineering design, according to the need to design ventilation rate and wind speed, any high heat, harmful gas, dust, smoke can quickly discharge workshop, any ventilation problems can be solved once and for all. The effect of ventilation can be achieved within a few seconds of starting the fan.      

     Two, the principle of cooling       

    Can exhaust fan indoor hot air discharged rapidly, the other side of the outdoor air into the room, the temperature reached flat with the outside temperature, as the temperature increase in the workshop. The process of air flow will take away the body heat, air flow and accelerate the evaporation of sweat absorbing body heat, allowing the body to feel cool, cool wind up with nature.

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